Trash Can Challenge

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The Trash Can Challenge serves as our intense and unorthodox litter awareness campaign hoping to shine a light on the litter issue plaguing our community.  Kicking off the campaign is Milledgeville's very own Mayor, Gary Thrower.  Native to Milledgeville, Mayor Thrower has graciously served at many roadside cleanups since growing up here and he understands and empathizes with this growing epidemic.  

The goal with the Trash Can Challenge is dual-sided: By raising awareness through this viral campaign, we're also raising the much-needed funds it takes to keep these streets clean.  It's more than picking up roadside litter; it's going to the source of the problem.  The funding will ultimately support these efforts and hopefully make a difference in the overall welfare of our streets and community as a whole.  It's not always about the here and now - this is about our future, and Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful wants to send our youth on a path paved with community pride and a general respect for the environment.  One day, the generations coming up behind us will be another community's Mayor and community activist, much like Mayor Thrower.  The task ahead is a hard one, but together we can make it happen.

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