Recycling & Waste Management

Baldwin County Recycling and Waste Disposal

  • Yard Waste: Bins are limited to leaves, limbs, grass clippings, pine needles, brush clippings, sticks and other residential yard trimmings. Do not deposit any plastic bags, boxes, logs, stumps or large timbers.
  • White Goods: These bins receive metal items such as kitchen appliances, wire, large cans/ drums, air conditioners and water heaters.
  • Brown Goods: These bins receive treated wood products, upholstered/fabric covered furniture, non-recyclable plastic items such as wading pools, plastic liners, plastic sheeting, TV’s, computers, lawn furniture, carpet, pads, shingles, vinyl siding, mattresses and foam pads.
  • Recyclable Plastics: *Only plastics bearing the Number 1 PETE and Number 2 HDPE Universal Recycling Logo that have screw off caps are acceptable. Please rinse container and remove the caps. Small non-recyclable plastic waste should be placed in the household waste compactor.
  • Cans: *Aluminum and metal cans are accepted in prominently marked bins.
  • Glass: *Brown, green, & clear glass is accepted in prominently marked bins. Please rinse container and remove caps.
  • Newspapers: *Bins are provided for the recycling of newspapers. Please remove slicks.

           *Please remove all recyclables from sacks, bags or boxes before depositing in bins.

  • Cardboard: Only corrugated cardboard is accepted in the cardboard bin. Boxes should be flattened. Remove Styrofoam and all other materials and place in the household waste compactor.
  • Tires: No tires are accepted at convenience centers. Scrap tires must be disposed of through local tire dealers or licensed carriers. When buying replacement tires. Persons are strongly encouraged to leave scrap tires with your tire dealer. All tire dealers are licensed to handle scrap tires and are familiar with authorized disposal routes. Illegal dumping of tires is a serious environmental violation and will result in vigorous criminal prosecution.
  • Magazine and Telephone Books: Baldwin County does not accept magazines or telephone books for recycling at area convenience centers.
  • Motor Oil/Batteries: Waste engine oil may be recycled at AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts on N. Columbia Street. Automotive batteries may be recycled at Central Georgia Battery Company on Heritage Road or at AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts on N. Columbia Street. Rechargeable, NiCad batteries may be recycled at Central Ga. Battery or at Radio Shack.
  • Paint: Only solidified paint may be placed in the “Brown Goods” bin. Liquid paint should be mixed with dirt, sawdust, or clay and allowed to harden before disposing.
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Spent CFLs can be taken to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store on N. Columbia Street
  • Plastic Bags: Plastic Bags can be taken to multiple locations to be recycled. Wal-mart on N. Columbia Street, Lowe’s Home Improvement Store on N. Columbia Street, and Kroger on N. Columbia Street all accept used plastic bags in bins near the front door.
  • Plastic Plant Containers and Wooden Pallets: These can be taken to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store to be recycled.
  • Commercial, Hazardous, Demolition Waste: For disposal guidance, please contact the Baldwin County Environmental Office at 478-445-1322 or the County Commission Office at 478-445-4791.
  • Transporting Waste: Baldwin County Ordinance prohibits the transport of litter or waste upon any public street or roadway without suitable covering or other retaining device to securely fasten such litter or waste to the vehicle so as to prevent any materials from being deposited on the roads or adjoining areas of the county.


Baldwin County Board of Commissioners provides six sites conveniently located throughout the county for the disposal of various solid waste and for the collection of recyclable materials. Through voluntary participation in Baldwin County’s recycling program, all citizens can contribute toward proper stewardship of resources, thus, saving valuable resources, landfill space and conserving tax dollars. Solid waste/recycling convenience centers are designed to receive only household waste, newspapers, cardboard, aluminum and tin cans. #1 PETE and #2 HDPE plastics, brown green and clear glass, certain yard waste and approved “brown” and “white” goods This guide is designed to facilitate the proper handling and placement of acceptable items and to answer commonly asked questions regarding waste disposal. Centers are staffed at all times for your convenience.

Commercial loads and contractors are prohibited by County Ordinance from disposing of commercial or business waste at convenience centers.

Baldwin County Convenience Centers are for household use only.



  • Carr Station Rd. 960 Carr Station Road NE
  • Hwy 22 W. 99 Ga. Hwy 22 West
  • Meriwether Rd. 411 Meriwether Road NW
  • Log Cabin Rd. 184 Log Cabin Road NE
  • Frank Bone Rd. 103 Frank Bone Road SW
  • Union Hill Church Rd. 170 Union Hill Church Road SW


City of Milledgeville Recycling and Waste Disposal

In the City of Milledgeville, solid waste transfer and disposal for residential services are provided by private companies, under contract to the City. Advanced Waste Systems is the provider for the City of Milledgeville’s solid waste service. Commercial and industrial businesses needing roll off service should contact Advanced Waste Systems directly to make arrangements for solid waste collections at 478 453-4435.

New & current customers - (478) 414-4010 - We will notify Advance of all new services.  (Please allow 5 - 7 business days for delivery)
Additional cart request - (478) 453-4435 (Advance will provide additional cart(s) and notify the City of the addition)
Pickup questions - (478) 453-4435 (Call Center)
ADA Assistance - (478) 453-4435 (Obtain written physician's recommendation for back door pickup and provide to or FAX to 478 414-4011)
Yard Debris - (478) 414-4037

Pickup service days depend on your location within the City and are currently noted as: Monday through Friday. All carts must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the day of service.

Monthly pickup fees are $14.50 (subject to change per city council) for the first cart. Do not over-stuff the container, over-stuffing may result in the cart not empting properly. Yard debris and hazards material or construction materials are not permitted to be placed in the container.

Yard Debris-Residents with yard debris must call the City to arrange for a pickup – (478) 414-4037. Curbside collection is available on an optional basis to single family residences. Yard debris must be piled by the curb away from utilities.

An 18 gallon recycling bucket is available free of charge upon request for curbside pickup. Larger carts are available for an additional rental fee. The convenience and solid waste center is located at the dead end of West Thomas Street just past Wray Homes.  This center has been built exclusively for residents of this City and will accept the following waste and recyclable items: Brown Goods (Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Mattresses, Box Springs, etc.); White Goods (Refrigerators and appliances); Newspapers and Magazines; and Glass. For additional information contact the City at (478) 414-4037. Household garbage, yard debris, and chemicals are NOT accepted.


City Recycling & Convenience Center

Convenience Center Hours of Operations (located at the end of West Thomas St):

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7AM - 4PM
Saturday 8AM - 4PM (Centers are closed on holidays and during times of inclemental weather.)