2nd Saturday Sweeps

Let's face it.  People are busier now than ever before. We all go full speed ahead 24/7 and turn a blind eye to things around us.  Sadly, no one can dispute the fact we have a litter problem in our community.  Some areas are worse than others, but that's the case anywhere you go. The very idea of having a community-wide clean up is borderline insurmountable.  

To address the much-needed TLC for many of our community's neighborhoods, KMBB created Second Saturday Sweeps.  The concept is simple: Each 2nd Saturday, we venture out to a new location and spend less than 2 hours providing an intense cleaning of the roadside.  For those who cannot attend those few hours, we simply ask that you donate 15 minutes of your time to your personal roadside or help a neighbor in need.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more on the clean up efforts and photos of each location.  Hope to see you there!